TechEd Talks Done!

I’ve completed my talks for TechEd US, which I will also be repeating at TechEd EU in Madrid in a couple of weeks. Turn out was pretty good, but overall interest in building WinRT / Windows Store apps is still slow.

The slides and video for my talk yesterday on Building Windows Store Line of Business apps (with Prism for Windows Runtime) has already posted, the ones for my talk today on Navigation in Window Store Apps should post at end of today.

All the demos in my Prism talk were done from the sample code that comes with Prism, so you can just download the main code for Prism here, and download the Quickstarts here, and you will have all the code I showed.

Today’s navigation session I put together a simple app with some navigation from scratch, so I wanted to make that code available to anyone who wants it as well, so you can download that from here.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions, here in the comments or on twitter @briannoyes. Make sure to check out my Pluralsight course “Building Windows Store Business Apps with Prism” as well as my article series “WinRT Business Apps with Prism”.