Demos from DEVIntersection

It has been a great but quick week at DEVIntersection in Las Vegas this week. The show goes on today and tomorrow, but I’m headed home after finishing my talks yesterday. I wanted to share the code from my demos with anyone who wants to check it out.

I gave four sessions this week:

Building Windows Store Business Applications with Prism – This one covered the capabilities of Prism for Windows Runtime for structuring your application with MVVM, using it to help with navigation and application state management in the suspend-terminate-resume lifecycle of Windows 8, and using the client and server side validation mechanisms of Prism. For this one I used the Quickstarts and main sample app (Reference Implementation) from Prism for Windows Runtime (AdventureWorks Shopper). The Prism team is in the process of migrating Prism for Windows Runtime from 8.0 to 8.1, so I used the latest drop containing the current 8.1 bits that you can find here:

Building Rich Data HTML Client Apps with Breeze – This talk covered the fundamentals of Breeze.js for implementing the CRUD data access via services needed from HTML/Javascript (possibly Single Page) applications.I covered a little bit about the SPA architecture in general, and spent most of the time walking through a demo that showed how to use Breeze to issue rich LINQ-like queries from the client side that get executed on the server side, editing the data on the client side and getting change tracking and caching, and saving the changes to the back end. I also showed how to leverage the built in validation of Breeze and how you can work with OData services as well as Breeze Controllers. This one is a condensed version of my Pluralsight Course “Building Data-Centric Single Page Applications with Breeze”, so if you have Pluralsight access, definitely check that out for a lot more detail and demos. But here is the code for the demos I showed at DEVIntersection:

Designing RESTful Services with ASP.NET Web API – This talk covered the concepts behind what the REST architectural style really involves and how you can use Web API to achieve it to whatever degree you want to . I covered some of the fundamentals of exposing Web APIs with ASP.NET, then talked through the definition of REST and the architectural constraints that you have to satisfy to truly be doing REST. Unfortunately this was a short one hour session and I didn’t get to show all the demos I had planned, but here is the code so you can check them out for yourself.

Zero to Connected with Windows Azure Mobile Services – This talk covered the fundamentals of Mobile Services, discussed all the current capabilities of Mobile Services and when you might choose to use it (or not in some cases). I demoed how to set things up in the portal, how to call the services from a Windows 8 client, how to use identity and notifications. Based on the audience I did not demo but do have demo code for a simple iOS and HTML client using the same service. You can download that code here.