Migrated dasBlog -> WordPress!

I’ve been wanting to get my blog moved over from dasBlog that I started using just over 10 years ago to WordPress for all the flexibility that WordPress offers – countless themes and plug ins, tools,etc. and now I am finally there. I want to thank the folks at hipinspire.com for the help in getting it done – they have been a fantastic resource us, both for this small little task and for getting our web site together at http://www.solliance.net.

Part of my inertia in not blogging lately has been feeling like I would just be adding more content that would have to be migrated. But mostly it has been the fact that I have been so damn busy with projects at Solliance, authoring Pluralsight courses, and speaking at conferences (always keep an eye over there ==>> for where and when).

But I am going to try to use this switch as a motivator to get into a more regular cadence of publishing more useful content here. We will see how that goes.