Prism.Windows for Windows 10 UWP Initial Port complete

So I finally sliced off some time this 4th of July weekend to do the initial migration of Prism for Windows Runtime to Prism 6 for UWP. Most things came over without any difficulty. If you are not familiar with the core functionality that Prism for Windows Runtime provided, here it is in a nutshell:

  • MVVM supportthrough an Application base class, Page base c;lass, and ViewModel base class that let you implement the MVVM pattern while still letting your UI logic (that should mostly live in your ViewModels and client side services) manage everything
  • ViewModelLocator for connecting views and viewmodels
  • Ties into the navigation patterns of the UWP platform, allowing your ViewModel’s to be notified when their respective pages are navigated to or from so that they can initialize and clean up the data and processing that support the view.
  • Persistence support for the Suspend-Terminate-Resume application lifecycle of UWP apps. You can simply decorate ViewModel properties with an attribute and they will be persisted and restored when your app gets suspended and then resumed from termination. Likewise there is a SessionStateService that you can inject anywhere and read and write transient data from it that you want to survive a suspend-terminate-resume cycle.

There are a few other features that I need to do a bit more work to get ready for UWP including search and settings support, secondary tiles, and the validation classes from Prism for Windows Runtime. I hope to get all that done this week.

After that, the next priority is to start trying to migrate some or all of the modularity and region functionality of Prism for WPF into Prism for UWP.

So check it out and let us know what you think, any problems you have, or features you would like to see added there: